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swiss stone pine

The berghotel Zum Zirm near bolzano surrounded by pines

The Swiss stone pine from the surrounding area, known as Zirbelkiefer in German, lends its name to the hotel and can be experienced with all five senses at our establishment. The view will sweep from your hotel room across a coniferous forest full of Swiss stone pine trees.

Swiss stone pine, also known as Zirbelkiefer, Arve, Zirbe or "Zirm" in the South Tyrol dialect, is part of the pine family. Its home is in the Alps, although it is especially prevalent in the Corno del Renon area.

The wood is said to have many positive effects, including on the human body and on healthy sleep. It is also thought to relax you and increase your overall well-being.
Swiss stone pine occupies centre stage at our establishment - the fragrance is one of the first things guests notice at the hotel entrance.

Trademark Zirm

Cozy, soothing & healthy

food & drink

  • depending on the season, dishes are subtly refined with Swiss stone pine, for example in the risotto or as a flavouring in fillings for pasta
  • home-made Zirbelschnaps (pinecone schnapps) at the hotel bar


  • the active ingredient in Swiss stone pine oil is used as a natural product for personal care products
  • pure relaxation in the pine sauna 

FEel-good atmosphere

  • guests sleep with views of the pine forest
  • the stone pine will have a positive effect on allergy sufferers and is known for helping with a healthy night's sleep
  • the cosy Zirmstube parlour is a great place to while away the time. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere while reading or playing games
  • the nice smell and the ingredients are intended to have a relaxing effect and increase general well-being
  • the fragrance will stay in guests' memory for a long time

Smell of Swiss stone pine

soothing and calming

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