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On the Sun-drenched renon plateau

The Renon mountain has always been a holiday destination. People used to talk about the "Summer freshness" and the eight "Bozner Seligkeiten" (Bolzano souls), a poem about a wealthy middle-class family from Bolzano.

The Renon mountain has always been very "mobile". Public transport to Oberbozen is available right outside the hotel. From there, tourists can take the Renon cable car to the South Tyrolean capital of Bolzano.

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the histoRic Renon railway

Historic yet contemporary: the Renon Railway has been around for more than 100 years. The narrow-gauge railway is a mountain railway invented during the Belle Époque for wealthy tourists. However, the population of Renon itself started to use the railway more and more. So much so that it is almost a "normal" means of transport today. Start your day the right way with this unforgettable "Bahndl". After all, it is the last train of its kind in the whole of South Tyrol.

Distance from the hotel: just a 10-minute drive or an hour's walk

Link to the timetable

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the Earth pyramids of renon

The nearly 25,000-year-old earth pyramids of conical clay formations with a boulder at the top is a bizarre sight. Created from the surrounding glaciers, the 10-15m high steep slopes are one of the best known attractions in Renon today.

Distance: only a 15-minute drive or one-and-a-half hour walk

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Renon's cable car

In the heart of the capital: the short journey time in the new Renon cable car makes Bolzano easily accessible from Renon. You can get to the city and back again in the gondola lift from Soprabolzano in just 12 minutes. The cable car even runs every four minutes on weekdays. You can get from the Renon cable car valley station to the train station in Bolzano city centre in ten minutes by foot.

Distance to the mountain station: only an 18-minute drive or 2.5 hours on foot

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Bee museum

The beekeeping museum on the Plattner Bienenhof farm in Costalovara is easy to reach with the Renon Railway.

As one of the oldest farms on the Renon mountain, it offers fun and entertainment for the whole family. The museum depicts the farmers’ way of life in days gone by.
The information on honey production methods and the large collection on beekeeping in South Tyrol are also interesting. The nature trail on the enchanting hill shows the world from the perspective of the bees.

Total distance: only 15 minutes by car or a two-hour walk

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Bolzano, the capital

Visitors can float into the capital of South Tyrol on the Renon cable car, where Italian dolce vita meets South Tyrolean tradition: From Piazza Walther to the fruit market to the late-Gothic Bolzano Cathedral, the city has something for every taste. There are great places to shop in the arcades in Bolzano, with a mix of modern and renowned boutiques and the fruit market has plenty of South Tyrolean specialities and delicacies set out on its stalls. With the many museums, including the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, it is even worth a visit on a rainy day.

Distance to the cable car mountain station: just 18 minutes by car