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The Ritten

The Ritten lies in the heart of South Tyrol. This sunny high plateau extends over a total of 111 square kilometres between the Eisack and Talfer rivers. The Ritten is home to over 7,000 inhabitants, working in agriculture, crafts and tourism.

Holidays on the Ritten during the year

Mountain spring on the Ritten: Nature’s awakening
Nature lovers can watch nature awakening, with its impressive displays of flowering meadows stretching as far as the eye can see. 

Summer holidays on the Ritten: a traditional jewel
Now we reach the middle of the holiday season – the Ritten has always been South Tyrol’s most popular summer destination. 

Autumn holidays on the Ritten: “törggelen” and the beauties of nature
Enjoy the cycle of nature with the uniquely changing colours of the forests. There is a special culinary side to your holiday experience during these weeks: “törggelen”, sampling new wine and chestnuts, is an integral part of the culture of the Ritten.   

Winter holidays on the Ritten: skiing right from the door
As the only hotel right next to the foot of the cabin lift up to the Rittner Horn, the Zum Zirm mountain hotel is perfect for winter holidays on the Ritten.
There is no hectic rush, no crush for the lifts and no steep pistes. Winter holidays on the Ritten are a special treat for:

  • Families (gentle pistes)
  • Winter walkers (nature)
  • Cross-country skiers (30 km of trails on the Rittner Alm)
  • Tobogganists (fun for young and old alike)
  • Snowshoe walkers (wide open spaces)
  • Speed skaters (ice rink for racing)
  • Ice skaters (the idyllic Wolfgrubner lake)
  • Free snowshoe rental for our guests!   

Rittner Horn

The mountain climber Ludwig Purtscheller described the unique panorama of the Rittner Horn in clear terms: “Anyone wishing to see Tyrol at a glance should climb this mountain.”

Rittner cable car

There is a cabin every 4 minutes between Bozen and Oberbozen.
The good old “Bahnl” still runs every half hour between Klobenstein and Oberbozen. Here you can experience the good old times for a short while.

Ritten as a healthy air resort

Did you know that an allergy-freer zone begins above the tree line? Up here there are hardly any irritating birch, hazel or grass pollens. It is possible to measure the health advantages of a mountain vacation at a height of between 1,000 and 2,000 metres above sea level:&nbsp:

  • improved levels for blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipometabolism, lower pulse rate
  • more positive attitude to life and better sleep quality
  • increase in the number of red blood corpuscles that can transport oxygen better and decrease substances that lead to thromboses.

Ritten map